Tatami is a traditional Japanese rug. It has a long history, and there is a description of the rug that was the original form of tatami mats in a history book 1300 years ago. The surface of the tatami mat is covered with a mat made of rush plants. Rush, which is also a medicinal herb, has an antibacterial effect on the surface and keeps the room clean.

Also, the scent of rush is said to have a relaxing effect, so please heal the tiredness of your trip.

However, it is vulnerable to water, so if you spill it, you need to absorb it quickly without rubbing. Also, cleaning should be done along the tatami mats.


また、イグサの匂いはリラックス効果があると言われていますので、旅の疲れをいやしてください。 ただし、水には弱いので、水をこぼした場合は、擦ることなく水分を速やかに吸い取る必要があります。また、掃除は畳の目に沿って行う必要があります。