鯛[Sea bream]
鯛[Sea bream]

[Sea bream] TAI

Off the coast of Teshima, you can Tai with nets and traditional rod and reel. Teshima has two types of sea bream, red sea bream and black sea bream. Tai is a fish that can be caught all year round in Teshima, but winter offers the best season for eating Tai. It is a fish that is associated with celebrations and is often eaten on anniversaries and special occasions. Tai is a very common fish and an island favourite.

Tai is a white fish and has a delicious taste and is eaten in many ways such as Sashimi, Grilled with salt, and Boiled in sugar and soy sauce. Japanese people like to eat Sashimi, and it is said that the cheeks are delicious when boiled or grilled.

Aquaculture is carried out in many areas of Japan, but in Teshima natural fish stocks are very plentiful and aquaculture is not required.

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