菜花[Rape blossoms]
菜花[Rape blossoms]

[Rape blossoms] NABANA

Rape blossoms (Nabana, Nanohana) is a general term for flowers of the Brassicaceae genus Brassica. Oilseed rape is especially cultivated for the purpose of enjoying yellow flowers and squeezing oil. In addition, vegetables that generally eat leaves, such as rapeseed, turnip, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, broccoli, mustard, and zha cai, are also eaten as rape blossoms. Even in Teshima, we eat various vegetables such as rape blossoms for a long time from winter to spring. Also, from April to May in spring, rape blossoms bloom all over the island and you can see a yellow flower field.

It is usually boiled and eaten with dried bonito and soy sauce, but it may also be used as an ingredient in hot pot dishes.

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