[Mamakari] MAMAKARI

It is a fish caught in a place with strong currents in the sea near Teshima and is mainly caught  with a rod. It is a seasonal fish in early summer and is a specialty of Teshima.

Mamakari means “it’s delicious enough to eat even if you borrow rice,” and pickled Mamakari is a specialty of Okayama. Although it is a specialty of Okayama, the sea near Teshima is a very good fishing area for the mamakari.

It is a fish close to “Konoshiro” that can be eaten in eastern Japan (Tokyo). Although it is a small fish, it has a strong distinct taste. In Teshima Mamakari is grilled and seasoned with vinegar, soy sauce and sugar. It can also be eaten as Sashimi or Sashimi can also be pickled in vinegar.

Processed products associated with the Mamakari are available in the markets throughout Japan, but freshly caught fish is best and a dish that can only be eaten on the island.

Supplier→ Fisherman Ikuta 漁師生田