ひらめ [Flounder]
ひらめ [Flounder]

[Flounder] HIRAME

Off the coast of Teshima, you can catch Hirame with nets and traditional rod and reel. Hirame is a fish with both eyes close together on the upper side of the body and it is a member of the flatfish family.

It is a fish that can be caught all year round in Teshima, but locals will say the best time to eat Hirame is in winter. It is a light white fish and can be eaten as Sashimi, Simmered or Fried. During the spawning season, eggs are often consumed as a Japanese delicacy. The fin is called the “Engawa”, and is also consumed as it contains a different textured meat. Aquaculture is carried out in many areas of Japan, but in Teshima, natural fishing is prevalent as the local seas are abundant with fish stock.

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白身の淡泊な魚で、刺身や煮付けやフライで食べます。時期によっては、卵が入っていて食べられます。日本人は刺身で食べることを好み、背びれの部分の身を「縁側」といって、脂ののった身を楽しみます。 多くの日本の地域で養殖が行われていますが、豊島では養殖ではなく、天然の魚が流通しています。