穴子[Conger eel]
穴子[Conger eel]

[Conger eel] ANAGO

Off the coast of Teshima, it is caught by a bottom trawl with nets. It is said that it is good fish to eat in summer because it is a fish that has high nutritional value to conteract the summer heat. It belongs to the eel family, but it’s not as greasy as traditional eels. It is a specialty of Setouchi including Teshima.

To eat Anago, open it thinly, bake it over charcoal, then add sugar and soy sauce and bake it again.

It is a fish that can be eaten all over Japan, but in Teshima it is customary not only to eat grilled conger eel as it is, but also to mix it with mixed sushi.

Supplier→ Fisherman Ikuta 漁師生田