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Yamane Shoten is a 5-minute walk from Ieura Port. It is an old-fashioned liquor store where you can easily drop in. In the large refrigerator, you can find cold beer, chu-hi, soft drinks, as well as various food items such as tofu, noodles, vegetables, and side dishes.

In particular, the owner’s handmade croquettes, simmered dishes, potato salad and other side dishes are very popular with the locals and are selling well.

In addition to snacks such as dried squid, there are also rice, somen noodles, canned foods, and miscellaneous goods such as plastic bags, wraps, and gas cassettes for stoves.

The owner is also the owner of Minpaku Yamane, and also sells freshly laid eggs from the flat-breeding poultry house in Minpaku Yamane. The yolk of this egg has a rich taste. Therefore, we recommend “Tamago Kake Gohan,” which is a raw egg mixed with hot rice.

We also handle a wide range of daily necessities such as tableware, laundry and cleaning tools.

Phone: 0879-68-2354