Introducing the fun of the sea in Teshima through fishing experience and sea drive


イカ [Squid]

There are many rocky shores and seaweed beds around Teshima, and it is a rich fishing ground where many fish can be caught throughout the four seasons due to the complex tidal currents that change with the seasons.

“Fishing boat Hamanaka Maru” is a sightseeing fishing boat operated by a local fisherman Hamanaka.

Mr. Hamanaka catches seasonal fish such as spring mackerel, summer tanago, autumn crab, and winter puffer fish. He sells these to private lodgings and local dining, as well as to customers who have stayed at private lodgings by mail order.In addition, the fishing boat business can also experience fishing and vertical fishing by making reservations. We also bring the caught fish to a private lodgings for cooking and provide guidance on how to handle the fish.

Not only fishing and fishing experience, but also Teshima tour seen from the sea is supported. Why don’t you enjoy the spectacular view of Teshima from the boat?

Departure and arrival at Ieura Port (1-4 people) 2 hours 10,000 yen


 「遊漁船 浜中丸」は地元の漁師である浜中さんが運営する観光釣り船です。