The best fisherman on the island who loves the sea in his hometown


Mr. Ikuta, one of the few active fishermen in Teshima, lives in a quiet Kou village on the south side of Teshima. He is a skilled fisherman who has continued for generations, catching various seasonal fish in the sea near Teshima, shipping them to wholesale markets in Kagawa prefecture, and selling them to local inn, Minpaku.

His target fish are rockfish, sea bream, mackerel, tanago, octopus, sea bass, and various other fish, each of which uses unique fishing gear and fishing methods. If you are interested in fish and look at his SNS, I think that the voice of admiration will not stop.

At “Fisherman Minpaku Ikuta“, which he runs, we provide a fisherman experience where guests can be guided to fishing and the fish they catch can be cooked and eaten together. He loves the island and knows the sea of ​​the island, and his unadorned warm hospitality is popular, and it is an inn that is visited by many repeaters every year.