A small clothing store that remains on the main street of the island


“Sumiya Clothing Store” is a small clothing store diagonally opposite the Yokoo Museum of Art. The store began selling during the turmoil of the end of World War II. At that time, the store mainly dealt with kimono.

In the 1965s and 1950s, when Toshima was the most vibrant, clothes sold well, and women on the island took turns every day and visited the store to chat. At that time, the street in front of the store was called “Toyoshima Ginza”. After that, as the population of the island gradually decreased and the population was aging, the shops on the island gradually closed.

However, this store still sells miscellaneous goods such as clothes, underwear, bedding and towels by the third generation owner.

It is a shop with a nostalgic Showa retro atmosphere.

Phone: 0879-68-2352